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The HCC Branded Big Ash Smokebook

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We are excited to offer you The Hennessy Cigar Co branded The Big Ash Smokebook.  This smokebook is touted as the ultimate cigar journal, cigar tracker and cigar log, The Big Ash Smokebook was mindfully-crafted for cigar smokers of two types:

1) New smokers who are falling in love with the lifestyle and want to become cigar aficionados, quick.

2) Advanced smokers that appreciate every last detail that can be captured from cigars and their smoking experiences.

  • 40 full-page entries
  •  Favorite Smokes lists
  •  Smokes I Gotta Try lists
  •  9" ruler measurement
  •  Ring size chart
  •  Cap and shape references
  •  Catador's Dictionary
  • (30 of the most important cigar terms)
  •  Hottest Online Shops
  • (11 of the hottest cigar shops and why)
  •  Conversation Starters
  • (8 little known cigar trivia facts)
  •  Brand Exploration
  • (log the sticks you've smoked from the 36 most popular makers)
  •  Notes & Thoughts
  • (keep track of your own thoughts and observations)
  •  Beautiful 25% cotton Ivory linen paper
  •  Back pocket for sales receipts, labels, etc.
  •  Stapled saddle-stitch style
  •  Heirloom quality


  • Identification Fields: Maker, Brand, Flavor, Shape, Length/Ring
  • Tobacco Fields: Country of Origin, Wrapper, Binder, Filler
  • Purchase Fields:Date, Place, Type, Price
  • Smoking Fields: Date/Time Smoked, Where Smoked, Occasion, Company, Food/Drink Pairing, Wrapper Aroma, Cold Draw, Cut Type
  • Strength Meter
  • Build Meter
  • Burn Meter
  • Notes & Comments Box
  • 30 Flavor Notes
  • Notes & Comments Box
  •  Buy Again (Yes/No/Maybe)
  • Overall Star Rating
  • Alternative 'Out of 10' Rating
  • Spot to Affix the Band/Label