Anatomy of a Hennessy Cigar

How are Cigars are Made

Hennessy Cigar Co cigars are hand rolled “Cuban Style” in a boutique workshop in the US.  The Torcedores are Cuban natives who immigrated to the US.  They are third generation tobacco growers and fourth generation Torcedores.  They developed the Hennessy Cigar Co unique blend utilizing a team of masters with over 60 years of combined experience.

Upon receipt of each order, our Torcedor begins the hand-crafted process that starts with identifying the richest leaves available to create the binder. Next, they start to form the filler by meticulously aligning the leaves to ensure that flavor intensity slowly increases as the cigar is smoked.  The hand-rolling process is initiated by carefully and slowly applying uniform pressure while rolling from the foot to the head end of each cigar. The bunch is then placed in the appropriate wrapper and carefully rolled ensuring that leaf tension is maintained to deliver the ultimate cigar. After trimming each cigar, they are gently packaged and prepared for delivery. Each the cigars are just one of only 120 to 180 crafted each day which ensures that each your special order arrives fresh and flavorful.

Premium Boutique Cigars Anatomy

Each hand rolled cigar has three main components – the wrapper, the binder and the filler.  Each of these components are critical to the overall experience the cigar provides – the taste, the burn and the appearance.


Understanding Wrappers

Premium hand rolled cigars use large tobacco leaves that bind the cigar together.  This tobacco leaf needs to be clear and perfect, containing no holes or blemishes.  The wrapper is a key part to the overall flavor of the cigar.  Lighter wrappers, referred to as claro, are lightly sweet while darker wrappers, referred to as maduro, tend to have a more robust taste.


Premium Cigar Fillers

Premium cigars have long filler tobacco or large sections of tobacco leaf.  This provides the best smoking experience.  The flavor of the filler is influenced by where the tobacco is grown.  The filler can be strong, mild, sweet, bitter, or smooth.  Our filler is a unique blend of fillers crafted by experts with over 60 years’ experience.


Premium Cigar Binders

A large tobacco leaf that has imperfections and blemishes making it unfit for a wrapper can be used as a binder.  The binder sits between the wrapper and the filler. Often premium cigars will use a wrapper as a binder to add the complexity of the flavor of the cigar.