Understanding Fillers

HCC Cigars have a unique blend that was developed by a group of masters with over 60 years combined experience.  Our leaves for the filler come from Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic.  Our proprietary blend combined with the highest quality binders and wrappers are what make our cigars the perfect smoking experience.

HCC Unique Blends:

Mild – The filler is Honduras and Dominican.  The binder is Indonesia. The wrapper is Connecticut Shade.

Medium – The filler is Honduras and Dominican.  The binder is Ecuador.  The Wrapper is Habano 2000.

Sweet is Our Signature Blend- Filler is Honduras and Dominican.  The binder is Indonesia.  The wrapper is Connecticut Shade with its sweetness naturally intensified.

Understanding Fillers:

The fillers in cigars determine the cigars “personality” – the draw of the cigar, the flavor, strength, boldness, and the burn of the cigar. Today the filler is identified by its country of origin.

Types of Fillers

  • Long Filler: Premium cigars only use whole leaves as filler.  On average a cigar will have 3 whole filler leaves.
  • Short Filler: Is made with leaves that are chopped up and found in less expensive cigars.  Short filler can provide a flavorful cigar.


Filler Leaf Varieties are defined by where on the plant the leaf came from. There is wide range of tobacco plants used for filler .

  • Volado or Viso are thinner leaves that are found at the bottom of the tobacco plant.  These leaves tend to have a mild flavor with a good burn.
  • Seco are found in the middle of the tobacco plant and have a stronger flavor than the Volvado.
  • Ligero leaves are the top of the plant strong and often spicy.  The tend to burn more slowly so are often found in the center of the cigar.