Understanding Wrappers

Connecticut Broadleaf:  Connecticut grown tobacco is known around the world for their premium quality.  A broadleaf tobacco plant grows in the sunlight of  northern Connecticut.  The tobacco plant is a short bushy plant that is cut at the stalk when it is harvested.  The leaf is very broad and once cured, becomes darker.  Connecticut broadleaf is a premium wrapper that is usually earthy, toasty and has a subtle sweetness.


Connecticut Shade Tobacco: This tobacco leaf is considered the premium wrapper and is expensive to grow due to intensive labor costs.  The tobacco is grown in fields that are covered with synthetic gauze to protect the tobacco from direct sunlight.  The sides of the fields are also enclosed with the gauze to protect the plants from insect damage.  Each plant is strung straight to protect it from wind and each leaf is hand harvested. The flavor is mild with an underlying woodiness and toast characteristics.


Habano 2000: Is a tobacco plant grown from a hybrid of Connecticut Shade and Cuban seed. While the leaf is thicker than the Connecticut Shade it is not as thick as the Connecticut Broadleaf. The plants are typically grown in Nicaragua, Ecuador and Honduras. The wrapper is darker in color and has a musty earthy taste.


Nicaragua Maduro: Tobacco grown in Nicaragua offers a distinct earthy flavor because of the soil and climate of the country. These maduro wrappers offer a unique blend of flavor and strength to our premium cigars. This wrapper provides a full flavor with natural sweetness.


Candela Green: A Candela wrapper can be a variety of tobaccos, it’s unique characteristic is that leaf is harvested early, and cured quickly in high heat so that it retains it’s green color. A Candela, also referred to as a double claro, has light citrus or floral aroma and flavor when lit.


Sumatra: This tobacco is grown in the Indonesian nation of Sumatra. Several other countries also grow Sumatra including Ecuador and Nicaragua. Where it is grown influences the flavor due to soil and climate differences. Ecuador Sumatra wrappers provide a stronger flavor while Indonesian Sumatra cigar wrappers tend to be milder.


Corjo: This tobacco was originally developed and grown only in Cuba.  Today Corjo wrappers are grown in Honduras and Western Kentucky. The Corojo is known for it’s robust flavor with hints of nutty undertones.


Cameroon: This unique tobacco is grown in Central Africa and is referred to as a delicacy.  In tobacco wrappers the term “tooth” is used to describe small pockets of oil that can appear on the leaf.  These small pockets of oil provide more flavor and sweetness.  The Cameroon is considered the “toothiest” of all wrappers.  Cameroon wrappers are also known for their complex flavors without being too strong.